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Compassionate Care Using VOM

Horse chiropractor in Boulder and  Broomfield counties.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a gentile, NON-MANUAL technology that Dr. Richard Habighorst uses to help animals.  It is safe and cannot harm the animal. VOM boasts an excellent success rate at 91-93%. This is  based on case selection with cases taken to term or maximum improvement. Cases are carefully chosen as to probability of positive outcome.

The doctor is also a Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) specialist. LLLT stimulates tissues and cells in the animal decreasing pain, reducing inflammation  and making the adjustments last longer and stabilizing the chiropractic corrections sooner.

CERTIFIED Animal Chiropractor

Dog chiropractor serving Boulder & Broomfield counties.

Dr. Richard Habighorst, DC, CVCP is  a chiropractor who is a Certified Veterinary Chiropractioner who has been helping cats, dogs, horses & alpacas relieve pain, increase performance and live longer since 2000. He is happy to work together with your veterinarian for your pet's best health. He has a mobile practice based in Lafayette, Colorado and will travel to your site and care for your animals. 


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A Personal Approach

Dr. Habighorst enjoys listening to the concerns you have about your pet's health and welfare. He shares those concerns and wants your pet to be as loving as it can be, to give you the greatest joy you desire and to be the safest it can be. 

Want to talk about your pet's concerns? No Charge, YUP…FREE…Doc's dime. If he feels he may be able help, he will tell you. If he can’t, He will tell you that, too. That’s only fair. He's here to listen… he means really listen.

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What Conditions Can Routinely Be Treated With VOM?

Lameness, hip dysplasia, incontinence, wobbler's disease, performance problems, agility dysfunction

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) Treatable Conditions

Animal Chiropractor in Lafayette Treating:

Acute & Non-Acute Lameness

Progressive Lameness

Hip Dysplasia-Like Syndromes

IV Disc Disease

Progressive Myelopathies ("Down in the Rears" Dogs)

Urinary & Fecal Incontinence

Unilateral Lameness

Wobbler's Disease

Diseases of the Knee

Esophageal Disease

Increased or Decreased GI Mobility Disease

Digestive Disorders

Performance Problems

Behavioral Problems

Agility Dysfunction

Endocrine Disease

Many More...

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Here's What People Say About Having Dr. Habighorst Helping Their Animals


  • "My dog, Moxie, woke up and couldn't move or sit well. Her neck was obviously out of alignment/tilted. Her back was also out of alignment. She couldn't be helped by the vet except by pills. Pain medication didn't change Moxie's prognosis. I thought I'd have to put her to sleep. Dr. Habighorst was gentle with my dog. Personable. He made every effort to see Moxie ASAP. After the first appointment, Moxie could move again. She was 13 years old & after subsequent appointments, she started moving and playing more than she had for a year." D. Schuh
  • "Our sheltie, Sadie's, back went out. Sadie could not walk. After treatment, Sadie is like a a puppy again. Dr. Habighorst is super. He saved our dog." E. Linzmeyer
  • "Cloie Jane, a long hair black & tan dachshund, jumped off the bed and became paralyzed. She couldn't even wag her tail. After 2 1/2 weeks with no change, Dr. Habighorst was consulted. After each treatment, there was always improvement and could eventually walk and run normally. Dr. Habighorst is great, wonderful. The best, he shows care and concern for the family and pets. He will do his best to help anyway he can." S. Tennyson

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Veterinary affiliation for FELINE SERVICES is through Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center, 1915 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301.

For more information on our feline services, call Well Adjusted Pets, LLC. 920-540-6799

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